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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2018 Chevy Traverse Update on Stock, Prices, and Trim: Biggest is The Baddest

With summer changing to fall in the very near future, many parents at home are thinking about finding recreation options for the kids during a few last weeks of warm weather and no school. There is no shortage of great parks in Knoxville, and you can pile the entire crew into a vehicle like the Traverse for a trip in no time. Anchor Park in Farragut has lots of great shade, a beautiful lake, swings, and well-equipped modern playground. There's also an awesome sandbox, and everyone in your group will love the thrill when a train goes by the premises.

Founders Park at the Campbell Station has abundant shade, and perfect trails for walking along a creek that runs through the park, adding to the scenery and Instagram-able factor. This is one of the coolest places in Knoxville for a picnic, and take some family photos to enjoy throughout the rest of the year. If it seems like the plentiful heat from the summer is just not ready to ease up yet, you can use an able and trusty vehicle like the new Traverse to take the gang to McFee Park, with its ultra-fun splash pad. The water and the fun playground layout with lots of slides and climbing make for an outing that they will undoubtedly be tugging on your sleeve to do again.

The official announcement came from the top of the Chevy ranks last week that the pricing for the newly-revamped Traverse begins at $30,875, and eager customers can visit to configure, check additional price specs, as well as the bold new look that polishes off the high-performance specs SUV customers demand. There are more trim choices available this year: L, LS, LT, and Premier, with the addition of the sporty RS, and top-of-the-line High Country level. You'll also want to hurry down and feast your eyes on the way the Traverse looks with the Redline package: featuring a blacked-out appearance and standout red accents.

When you are in the act of carting everyone around for some late summer fun, you're going to greatly appreciate the Enhanced Smart Slide seat: it provides easy access to the third row, even when the forward-facing child seat is empty. USB charging is present in all three rows for all of your mobile devices, and Teen Driver Technology Is on board to assure that the younger drivers in the household abide, learn, perfect their driving, and stay consistently safe. Rear Vision Camera is one of the most-appreciated features in brand new vehicles: many children end up lingering in driveways to play and congregate, and you want a good view of the area you are backing into.

Bigger is absolutely better if you have a large family or a penchant for the outdoorsy: the mass cargo volume in the Traverse in 98.2 cubic feet, and the hidden underfloor cargo storage is 3.2 cubic feet. The center console is the size of what would usually be found in trucks, and there are 23 storage spots throughout for everyone to amply store carry-on. If anyone in your troupe needs a snooze break, the active noise cancellation feature will become entirely useful, and the Traverse even has a humidity sensor feature. It detects unwanted moisture, and diverts the sultry air to the windshield zone, immediately preventing the fogging factor.

The Chevrolet My Link infotainment system does a stellar job of constantly keeping everyone on board connected, and one of the coolest features ever is the my Chevrolet mobile app: it provides numerous ways to monitor your vehicle remotely, and check important diagnostics. While you're on the lot with us in Knoxville checking out all of the ways that the Traverse can make your busy life easier, you'll want to take note of the Surround Vision Cameras: they provide a bird's eye view of the vehicle, and will help make reverse, parking, and trailer duties a great deal easier.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Curbing the Desire to Drag: Camaro's Domination + Achievement List

 When the summer months begin their sultry drawl in Knoxville and the sun beats down, many racing fanatics get to curb their desire to watch a few races, or get down and dirty themselves with a little fresh (and hot!) asphalt. At the Knoxville Drag strip, you can catch the "Outlaw Heads Up" series during August, and get in on some of the very exciting action by hearing the engines roar. The Camaro has always been a front-running performer on the drag strip, and many racing fans love watching it outperform others on the drag so much, that they feel that they have to have one of their own.

The Camaro has more of everything that works to seamlessly connect the driver to prime pavement, and models such as the 2018 ZL1 equipped with the 1LE Track Package will forever reshape the way you think about racing technology. Front dive planes and adjustable suspension are just a few of the amazing attributes that keep the Camaro so very high up the ladder in pure appeal. Snagging up awards is one way that a car really proves itself in the marketplace, and the Camaro did just that in 2017.

J.D. Powers and Associates named the Camaro the "Most Dependable Midsize Sporty Car, Five Years in a Row." The company conducts surveys related to customer satisfaction, and buyer behavior in the car industry. The Camaro is absolutely dependable: with no current listed recalls, many run avidly on up to 200,000 miles with ease. While you are gleefully spinning your tires at the strip, the Custom Launch Control uses Performance Traction Control to keep rear tires spinning at the correct speed, and allows you to adjust both your wheel slippage and your launch RPM by means of the Driver Information Center.

Car and Driver is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has been a monthly authority on everything avid gearheads want to know for decades. Known for a bit of biting tone and general disdain for SUV's, their circulation of 1.23 million has always had a penchant for anything fast. The Camaro was named in Car and Driver's 2017 10Best, and hailed for its reliability and prowess on the road. With Electronic park brake, Keyless open and start, and Power Seats with Memory Package, it's a car that proudly puts to use its driver-centric array of technology.

Kelley Blue Book awarded the Camaro with the 2017 Best Resale Value award, an honor in a post-recession landscape where cash has consistently been king. We don't think that you would ever find a reason to want to get rid of this high-performing and purring beast, but if you do, you can be assured that you're gonna get a bit more cash back in your pocket than other makes have. Come visit us at West Chevrolet to check out the potential of owning a new Camaro, and the many different safety features it has. Side Blind Zone Alert with Lane Change Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and 8 standard airbags in the ZL1 Coupe are all going to protect you at the first sign of any trouble.

Ask us how you can get on board with maintenance visits, and 5 years or 60,000 miles of Roadside Assistance with Courtesy Transportation. When the Camaro first rolled out in 1966, it was evident just what a landmark and sought-after vehicle it would become, and the days of summer are the most alluring to hear it roar irreverently down any drag strip.

Friday, July 28, 2017

West Chevy's Impala Close-Up Exam: Awards and Universal Appeal

Families and young professionals have many different needs, and sometimes a car is so versatile and appealing that models keep leaping right off the lot! When shopping for a car that will be the perfect addition for their home, some customers turn to consumer reports. A practical way to find out how a car measures up, tests from trusted readers can really help with the final decision making process. The last few years, we've noticed that how a car ranks in the awards sphere has turned many heads, and spurned a high number of purchases.

The Impala claimed one very important award from Kelley Blue Book: the 2017 5-year Cost to Own in the full-size car category. This award focuses on the total amount of vehicle-related costs that are most likely to come up during the first 5 years of ownership. Insurance, gas, and the actual depreciation of the vehicle are the most common denominators when you are calculating the ways in which the car could cost you. Attracting those who are carefully watching their spending, newlyweds, and others who want cash for items such as a home purchase, this award gives the Impala a hefty dose of appealing luster to those wanting to keep overhead low.

U.S. News and World Report awarded the Impala with the very honorable "Best Large Car for the Money" claim, and our sales and service staff here at West proudly tout the achievement. Anyone from a young professional on up to a couple with a child will seriously want to consider leaning towards a bigger vehicle: the safety, sturdiness, and appeal is what earned this particular award. When you make the decision to purchase a new car, we also recognize that you are looking for comfort, and during the longer of any journeys you are planning, may want to select a car that ranks at the top of the list.

Fortunately, the Impala was a front-runner in the comfort category as well: Kelley Blue Book listed it in the final selection of the "10 most Comfortable Cars under $30k." We absolutely deem the back-seat room as limo-grade, and the trunk boasts 19 cubic feet of space. Rounding corners and navigating the ever-present Knoxville on-ramps are going to take place effortlessly, and with far more composure than most large sedans.

10 standard air bags as well as a NHTSA 5-star overall vehicle score for safety will leave you feeling like you're doing the best looking out for your family possible, as well as the available rear vision camera. Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning as well as Side Blind Zone Alert are features that will up the safety factor, and really show their value in extremely busy metro areas such as Knoxville.

One of the biggest value additives for someone that has a family when they buy a vehicle is feeling as if they can use technology to assure that none of their own encounters any unnecessary harm. Come down to West Chevy and see how this 305-horsepower 3.6-L V6 will treat you on the road, and why so many choice entities hailed it in their awards list!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Chevy Tahoe and Suburban Gain Street Look and Wow Factor With RST Special Edition Option

We guarantee that your summer is getting ready to get drastically more exciting: Chevy has just introduced a new special edition for the Suburban and Tahoe: the street-performance Rally Sport Truck. You can opt for a new performance package that ups the ante with a 420-hp, 6.2-L V-8 engine, Magnetic Ride Control with performance calibration, and get the shifting job done with the all-new and very able Hydra-Matic 10L80 10-speed automatic transmission. Looking at the many different types of needs from customers, there are varying combinations of tech features and awesome performance that attracts drivers to these sturdy and spacious dominators of the open road.

The introduction of the RST is specifically honed for those who crave increased performance, and will be available on the Tahoe and Suburban models in the fall of 2017. Heavily inspired by trends in the aftermarket realm, most of the chrome trim has been eliminated for an appearance more geared to stellar street performance. There are also body-color grille surround and door handles, gloss-black grille and mirror caps, black roof rails, Chevy bowties and badging, as well as new window trim. You also get the very cool 22-inch wheels with Bridgestone P285/45R 22 tires to wrap them.

This is the first time a Tahoe will sport the 6.2L V-8, which cranks out an estimated 420 horsepower along wth 460 lb-ft of torque. The engine utilizes the efforts of 3 state-of-the-art technologies: direct injection, Active Fuel Management, and continuously variable valve timing, to make the most of power, efficiency, and torque for the best in performance. Paired with the 6.2L V-8 is an all-new 10-speed automatic transmission, which maximizes engine power during the process of climbing acceleration. Top gear ratio on this transmission is lowered specifically for this make, to improve efficiency by cutting down on revolutions of the engine at 50+ miles per hour.

Don't hold out on the lake outings or any other looming duties you may be filling in on for your contractor friend: the RST Performance Package will offer a towing capacity of 8,400 pounds, and the truck gets up to 60 MPH in just 6 quick seconds. Come down and see why the RST Package will drastically escalate your Suburban or Tahoe Experience: the suspension delivers both improved body-motion control during cornering, and a noticeably more comfortable ride during a long highway cruise.

Chevy has been the best-selling full-size SUV brand for more than 3 decades, and accounted for half of full-size SUV purchases in 2016. Come visit us to see how your Knoxville driving experience is going to have a lot more muscle in every mile covered, and why the Chevy namesake sells more than 4.5 million cars and trucks every year!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Market Movement Report: 2018 Chevy Equinox Diesel pricing + In-Depth Feature Scoop

The Knoxville metro area is a great place to have a trusty crossover in your auto arsenal: paddle boarding, miles of bike trails, and other activities such as kayaking and fishing are all located in the nearby area. The options for diesel crossovers are not plentiful, and all of us here at the dealership know that there has been some controversy over diesel this past year. The truth of the matter is that diesel technology really boils down to mileage. The Equinox diesel hits around 32 MPG in the city, and up to 40 MPG on the highway, and we are excited about its current pricing point. Situated at around $31,000, it is poised to be accessible for families on the go, young professionals and anyone else who wants a modern, sleek, compact and practical ride.

Powered by a 137-hp, 240-lb-ft 1.6 liter turbodiesel, this is a vehicle that is loaded with style, and built upon fundamentals of functionality that are noticeable right out of the gate. The sculpted exterior is completely redesigned from the ground up, and the trademark LED daytime running lamps make for a distinguished and ultra-cool appearance wherever you choose to roam. Packing up the minions for their next science fair, going solo in the wilderness to regroup after a demanding week in the cubicle, or loading up with hot dogs, beers and brats to see a ballgame could all be on your agenda with your sleek new Equinox. You're going to love the dual-cockpit design and the way the center stack is integrated: everything you could wish for during the ride is within a very short reach.

One of the best qualities you'll notice about the Equinox is the ability to gain some quick ground within the realm of daily solitude: every drive is a chance to take a little extra time for yourself. As of late, many are realizing that a crossover SUV is the perfect addition to an existence that seems hectic. You really get it all: if you are craving the handling quality of a sedan, the Equinox evokes that slightly, but gives you the height and agility that only comes about in the SUV category. If you are packing a large load for your quarterly business convention or mini vacation, the hands-free gesture liftgate opens conveniently for you with a very simple motion of the foot. After a time-compressed grocery run during the insanity of rush hour, we guarantee that you're going to love it.

With this domineering diesel offering also comes with a multitude of safety features: when the Equinox is traveling below 50 MPH and it is sensed that a front-end collision may occur, the available Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking feature will apply the brakes for you. Helping greatly to reduce the severity of any crash, it can also help avoid an accident altogether if you are cruising at low speed. If you begin to drift from your lane on accident, the Lane Keep Assist feature will provide for you gentle steering wheel turns and alerts to get you quickly back on track.

Surround Vision is one of those features that owners with families daydreamed about just a decade ago. You can snag a virtual bird's-eye view of your vehicle on the 8-inch diagonal touch screen, and you have four different cameras feeding you the images. This is an excellent addition to the many safety features the Equinox offers to protect your passengers and those nearby. Check out just how many benefits there are waiting for you with this diesel crossover, and let us get you on the fast track to lease or new ownership!

How The Winning Chevy Malibu Really Measures Up: 2017 Awards + Achievements

Families in Knoxville have many different needs when they are looking for a sedan to fit into their day-to-day regimen, and get them safely to their destination. From Oakwood and Fourth Grill to the students residing in Fort Sanders, many of the customers we talk to are looking for a car that is not just ordinary, and the Malibu definitely falls gracefully into that category. With available Front Automatic Braking, the 2017 Chevy Malibu has the ability to automatically apply the brakes, helping to avoid a collision when traveling at any speed under 50 mph.

When equipped, it's just one of the reasons why the 2017 Malibu was named as the coveted IIHS Top Safety Pick for the annual roundup. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute conducts vehicle tests on how crashworthy the vehicle is: and how the occupants are protected during an intense accident. The vehicles that perform the best during the tests qualify for Top Safety Pick, and the Malibu ranked as this dominating force when equipped with available Driver Confidence Package. U.S. News and World Report is another well-trusted entity that many look to during an auto purchase, and the Malibu ranked as best Hybrid car for Families, as well as Best Midsize Car for Families.

When you experience the quality that the new Malibu has to offer, the EPA-estimated 36 MPG on the highway is going to be a big factor in winning you over. The aerodynamic sculpting and available LED daytime running lamps evoke a noticeable and distinct characteristic in appearance, and the sound of the dual-exhaust outlets will undoubtedly grow on you right away. Come down to the lot here at West Chevy and check out how the spacious interior is carefully tailored to the needs of any driver, and the center console offers controls right where you need them. Built-in USB ports and an available wireless charging station offer plenty of options for keeping the gadgets you love to browse on connected, charged and ready to go.

The Malibu Hybrid comes with a 1.8-L hybrid engine offering 49 MPG in the city and revolutionary features such as the Driver Efficiency Gauge -- this useful tool provides feedback on how your driving habits affect your fuel economy, and helps you get the absolute most potential out of every single gallon you use. The very sporty, responsive ride is noticeable the minute you first get behind the wheel, and the variable valve timing as well as the direct injection are performance-boosting traits that you'll notice help you with power potential. When you come visit to check out this award-winning superstar of a car, check out the Lane Keep Assist and Rear Vision Camera as well as front pedestrian braking features. Becoming informed on the many ways you can keep your passengers safe may help you finalize your decision, and drive this brand-new powerhouse auto right off the lot!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer New Unit Update: Chevy Bolt to Light up the Lots One Month Early

Since the Bolt’s introduction to the masses last December, Chevrolet has been slowly rolling the car out to more states in preparation for its availability to everyone. GM representative Fred Ligouri confirmed that August will be the month where you can come see just how many cool features this plug-in offers the Eco-conscious consumer. Said to be vivaciously quick on its feet and ultimately very fun to drive, this is the vehicle on the market that is truly designed to do its best to rival a Tesla.

Offering up to 53 pure electric miles and up to 420 miles with a full charge, this newer Bolt will allow the driver to make fewer stops. All of us here In Knoxville on the lot agree that this will ultimately help you focus on your commute, and begin to visit the gas station less and less. The Bolt proudly touts a 1.5-liter direct injected high-efficiency engine, and creates its own source of additional energy when the battery runs out, by use of a gas-powered generator.

Some of the most exciting features of the Bolt are the ways that you can charge and monitor the battery. Using the Innovative Power Flow screen helps you efficiently track your driving, and Regen on Demand transfers the energy from the motion of the vehicle, ingeniously storing it in the battery while slowing the vehicle down. This is all governed by the press of a paddle mounted on the steering wheel, and the recharging options are also luring many into checking out this electrified and uniquely individual auto.

You can take the 13-hour route, where the car recharges with a 120-volt portable cord, or opt for a professionally installed charging system, that is double the charge and takes about 4 and a half hours. When it comes to electricity, some consumers are worried about rates, and you can even utilize location-based charging. Based on GPS data, the “home” setting for charging allows you to take advantage of electricity rates that are off-peak in price, and it will begin charging immediately when you leave the house. The Bolt combines looks that are very striking with aerodynamics that are finely-tuned, meant to be a bit bolder of an attitude on display than some of the other similar electric cars out there.

The reason for the Bolt becoming available quicker is big news for drivers in the Knoxville metro is largely due to range: until now, most electric cars at the entry level could not achieve more than 100 miles of driving range on a charge. Since this model can travel up to 90 miles on a 30-minute charge at a fast-charging station, it is quite the game-changer in the electric realm. Agile handing, seating for up to five, and features like a 10.2” touch screen are all within reach for a price that is almost under half of what is needed to obtain a Tesla Model S.

Ask about our 8-year warranty, that also takes you up to 100,000 miles, and takes along with it some of the worry that you may have about owning a high-tech EV. We can show you the LT and Premier trim levels that are available for the Bolt as well. Get ready to fully embrace electric, and be wowed at the features and capabilities of Knoxville's best energy-saving auto option.