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Thursday, June 22, 2017

West Chevrolet’s Wild Summer Truck Report: 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Test Drive

Appropriately named after what is unquestionably one of the most rugged and adventuresome states in the nation, the Colorado is the new king of the action-driver's / off-road niche. This is a vehicle for achieving high speeds in the desert, crawling over looming rocks in the wild, and your routine-seeming daily commute as well. Here in Knoxville, we have the Smokies close by and accessible for multiple off-roading opportunities, and some of the most fun you can have during summer is in the wild with a more-than-able machine.

The well-equipped ZR2 comes standard with front, rear and center differentials, 31-inch tires, a 3.5-inch wider track than the previous Colorado Z71, and a 2.0-inch lift. Just about everyone that has test driven this beast agrees on one very important fact: the shocks in this truck are out-of-this-world superior. They are Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve dampers, and their original development was intended for use in Indy and F1 cars. Inside are spring-activated spool valves, that are used to prevent extreme overheat.

As compression takes place, the shocks gradually become stiffer. If you are in a truly extreme off-roading situation, you will be able to actually catch air with confidence. The landing is nearly always the toughest part of jumping in an actual truck, but the most skilled of ditch and creek desperadoes claim that they really enjoy the stickiness the ZR2 possesses right when it lands. If the feeling of a suave sports car is what you get a hankering for every once in a drive, you can leave the ZR2 in two-wheel drive, switch the stability control to Off-Road Mode, and attain more of a drift as you embark across dirt or other obstacle-ridden terrains.

You can get the ZR2 with the 308-horsepower 3.6-liter V6, or opt for the 4-cylinder turbo diesel for just over $3,000 extra. Either one you choose can be paired with an extended cab or crew cab body, and both are appropriately matched to automatic trannies. The very responsive V6 is great to use when you are in a situation needing very high speeds, but the diesel setup really shows its efficiency level when you embark for a highway cruise. For a diesel-driven option, this is really not that noisy of a ride, and you’ll also enjoy the heated seats, wireless charging pad, and built-in Wi-Fi that comes along for the ride. Every unit has a tow rating of 5,000 pounds, and payload ability of 1,100.

In essence, the Toyota Tacoma is a rival product that is a fairly trusty rock climber, but the real issue at stake is the power, and the ZR2 has much more of it. You’ll notice a better-rounded appeal in the ZR2 than the Ford F-150 Raptor as well, while the sales and service staff here at West Chevrolet will be happy to help you along with a lease or sale of one. Get ready to experience just how thrilling the warm-weather months can be with a truck that has 8.9 inches of ground clearance at the bottom of the rear shocks, and other cool features such as a bed-mounted tire carrier. This is the season to definitely savor what some deem as unexplorable, and the Colorado ZR2 is most definitely the truck to take you.

Monday, June 19, 2017

On-Location Rigorous Road Report: Chevy Cruze Diesel In Action

During the times right after the financial crisis, it seemed that many manufacturers including GM were not really pushing smaller cars. The Japanese and Koreans were heavily dominating the production, but then a pivotal event happened that made many want to create a stake in taking the small car game: gas prices were rising significantly. Here at West Chevrolet, we recognize the finer elements of competition from contenders such as the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. When the Cruze debuted in 2009, it arrived with a certain flair that consumers were very hungry for, and it became a 3-million unit selling hit.

The second-generation Cruze roared to life on roads nationwide two years ago, and possessed a 1.6-liter diesel four-cylinder model, equipped with a choice of nine-speed automatic, or six-speed manual transmission. It vigorously churns out 137-hp, with 240-lb-ft of torque. The torque factor is one of the reasons why many power-hungry drivers turn to diesel to begin with, and GM proudly stands behind the “clean” techniques used to manufacture and produce the Cruze. From tubing in the Smokies to renting a pedal boat from our friends at Adventure Outdoors, you're going to love driving in this modern and well-behaved diesel to your next Knoxville destination for outstanding summer fun.

Road testers that we were in touch with had used the six-speed manual on their planned jaunt, and this is the version that clocks in at around 52 mpg on the highway. The first thing noticed once you are behind the wheel is a sense of solid familiarity: switching from any variety of cars within the brand still gives the driver a sense of consistency and pleasant sameness. The first impression that the driver gains from the interior is that a bit of extra flash is very possible to achieve in the compact genre.

Getting the car out on the open road for a true regimen provided a lot of real-life insight on the car’s speed. Chevy itself claimed that the car’s 8 second 0 to 60 climb isn’t mind-blowing, but the high mileage factor on the highway really won us over. The steering was designed with smoothness in mind, and the trunk space is enough for a large family weekend outing, or full-fledged grocery haul. As you are embarking on whatever journey is on your itinerary, you know that you will be basking in audio from a prime supplier: the Infotainment system in the Cruze is second only to the system in the Audi car line.

If you seriously dig diesel but don't want a bug, this is the only option you've got for a smaller car, but that is honestly great news! Chevy uses a bit different emissions technology than VW, and among the different requirements is a urea-tank replenishment every 1,000 miles. What you are really getting here is a larger car that has been shrunk down to a smaller package, and a car that can provide 600 miles to a tank for you. Come to the lot during the deliciously hot Knoxvillle summer this year, and check out the diesel point of entry's awesome offering from GM: The robust and feature-filled Cruze.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Knoxville June Truck Newsflash: 2017 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD Diesel Specs + Performance

Whether you are planning on hauling heavy goods around the Concord Village Historic District or itching to take a trip out to enjoy the nearby rugged landscape, there's no doubt that you have contemplated diesel. With the introduction of the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD, an incredibly heavy-duty pickup truck that casts a 21+ ft shadow is presented to the willing fans of the rugged and able. Taking up 8 feet of lane width in it's widest form, this is a tried-and-tested work rig or anyone that has serious plans to build or innovate in the Knoxville metro.

The 3500HD is available in the driver's choice of dualie and nondualie, and those who regularly tow heavier-than-average loads will love the extra ability and margin the dualie offers. Spending just a bit more for the spreading of the load over four rear tires, and also adds 15 ½ inches to the width of the truck. During intense testing, the extra-wide 3500 dualie was able to come to a stop from a nearly breakneck speed of 70 MPH in just 199 feet. This is a mere 7 feet shorter than the dualie Ram 3500 Heavy Duty, and something of notice to consider when you are contemplating the need to have an able hauler that can semi-stop on a dime. If spending time in the massive wild and towing around toys that make your camping life better entices you like crazy, the upgrade to the 445-hp 6.6-liter Duramax turbo-diesel V-8 is well worth it.

The all-new engine in the 3500HD sees some notable gains over last year's Duramax mill, as horsepower rises by 48, with the trepid torque factor increasing to 910 lb-ft at 1600rpm. This is 145 lb-ft. More than last year's engine, and 530-lb-ft more than the base 6.0-liter V-8. The hood scoop is specific to this new and muscular diesel breed, and does a great job of feeding air intake for the rather large 403-cubic-inch engine. GM claims that this is a massive help as far as helping the engine run better, and keeping it cool with large loads in tow. It's not just helping out a friend in a pinch: you can tow just about anything under the sun from the Gibbs Drive Historic District on up to locations like the Cherokee National Forest.
With camping and boating season fully upon us, this is a vehicle that you won't regret having in your armada: this very impressive turbo-diesel V-8 engine has an absolutely unique power build up and prowess. The torque that is for the most part lag-free helps this 8400+ lb wonder machine move with full confidence, and the weighty Silverado did spectacularly on test track's pavement. You get from 0 to 60 mph in a lightening-fast 6.6 seconds, and the quarter-mile is accomplished in 15.1 seconds. These stats are actually in line with the Fiat 124 Spider Abarth, which is an overwhelmingly small slice of the weight at 2509 lbs.

Two cameras under each of the truck's large side-view mirrors, and another camera overlooking the bed can be installed to personalize your rig, and aid in off-road navigation. A very easy-to-use Mylink system has a very useful handful of hard buttons on the dash, as well as large knobs that make volume and tuning easy and simple. Come see us at West Chevy to take in the features of a diesel beast that can pull 11+ tons, and can wow you with it's quiet ride, as well as staunch ability to steer you into any fun or task-laden frontier.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Celebrating 65 Years of Over-The-Top Domination: The 2018 Corvette Carbon 65 Edition

In commemoration of Corvette's 65th anniversary, the newest 2018 Carbon 65 Edition will now be offered on current-model Grand Sport 3LTs, and the Z06 3LZ models as well. There will be only 650 of these numbered vehicles produced around the world, and this is going to be one automobile that any Corvette aficionado is not going to be able to wait to get their hands on. A new carbon-fiber rear spoiler as well as quarter ducts are two of the characteristics that will be noticed right away, as well as the awesome Ceramic Matrix Gray exterior color. As you are rapidly cruising down Dakota Avenue or Dartmouth Road, you're also gonna love the easy "grippiness" of the new carbon-fiber-rimmed steering wheel, and everything about the way this powerful machine will handle for you.

This is one of the brands in auto history that has truly become legendary, and there are simply not many others that can shake a stick at its prowess. The Carbon 65 honors just how awesome this classic car is, and gives anyone who wants to try out its raw power a chance to do so with extreme honor status. When you nab the Corvette with this package, you first score the ultra-cool ceramic matrix gray exterior, with some of them having a very tranquil yet menacing blue top.

The fender stripes and door graphics scream ability for pure road domination, and the darkly-cloaked black wheels with machined grooves paired with summer-only tires are ready for a speakeasy match on a deserted thoroughfare late at night. Carbon-fiber ground effects, hood section and roof, and quarter intake ducts are a few more features that you will enjoy with this very limited-edition keepsake, and proudly flaunt on any trek, long or short.

The center caps have a carbon logo, and as soon as you or your passengers step inside, you'll love the jet black suede-wrapped interior, with epic deep blue stitching, welcoming you to climb in and embark on a cruise. This exclusive package will run about $15,000 and will be available to complement the rest of the 2018 Corvette lineup during summer. The Stingray is going to turn many heads this year, as it will offer 19-inch and 20-inch rear wheels paired with tires that are meant to scorch the pavement only during the best months of the year: summer. You can even opt for magnetic ride control which is offered as a very special standalone choice for the model.

If the Grand Sport is the Corvette model that is really catching your eye, ceramic brakes are offered without the Z07 Performance Package, and a very menacing looking satin black center stripe is available with the Heritage Package. You get the standard killer-sounding HD digital radio on all 2018 models, as well as the very thorough Performance Data Recorder: the Cosworth Toolbox offers four additional data channels, individual wheel speeds, individual suspension displacements, as well as yaw rate and intake. If you are faced with the very common everyday act of backing out of a tight spot, the improved rear-view camera image features higher resolution than the last model, and a much wider angle.

The very first Corvette rolled out of the factory on June 30, 1953, in Flint, Michigan: there was a small number of only 300 built that year, and each of them sported the polo white color. This year is a perfect time to pay homage to what we believe is the most unique sports car brand on the planet, and come find us at West Chevrolet to see just how many fantastic features there are to catch your attention quickly.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Reaping the Benefits of Embracing the Crossover Concept: Chevy FNR-X

During 2015 at Auto Shanghai, Chevrolet announced to the world that they were putting in many hours figuring out the Find New Roads, or "FNR" concept car. Just within the last week, the iconic powerhouse of a brand that we love so much to represent provided more details on just how they are going to release and conceptualize the crossover vehicle. What is now the running model is quite a bit different from the original draft, and it has been admitted that the "all-purpose sports concept vehicle" has many kinks to eventually be worked out. Active grille shutters, adaptive suspension, and drag-reducing techniques for overall efficiency are all part of the plan that will earn many points for potential buyers.

At first look, the front appears a bit like a much-upgraded version of the Camaro ZL1, while the profile features a roof design that has a bit of float to it. Passengers that are getting on board int eh back will enjoy the rear-hinged doors, which will provide more room in the long run. With a long glance to the rear, there are some elements that are similar to what is seen on other current Camaro models, and envisioning what this car will look like in silver is properly modern. Many have commented this year that the Japanese element of feng shui is actually displayed here: the feel of this vehicle is definitely one that feels as if it has had the magic touch to appear "unstuck".

Proposed different drive modes are V for Versatility and S for Sport, and many passengers will love the high-tech fabric that the seats are proposed to be trimmed with. OLED displays will help with the entertainment options, and sensors will be able to detect which person is currently behind the wheel to automatically adjust settings. Where we really begin to get excited about the fun potential that this will unleash for anyone getting behind the wheel is the incorporation of an active suspension system: as the conditions of the road you are driving change, the auto will be able to have adjustable levels of ground clearance.

The spoilers that have been shown thus far are great in that they appear to adjust according to which driving mode is selected, and the lower center brake lights are menacingly cool: the time has finally come where consumers get to enjoy technology that looks and feels a bit like the infamous "Kitt" from "Knight Rider". There are some instances where a driver wants a rugged feel in a vehicle, and needs something that feels a bit old school. For any other instance under the sun, a vehicle like this is going to rule the moment: It drips with the true calling of the future, and run laps around the joy "The Jetsons" predicted we would get out of modern travel!

Camo Corvette ZR1 Spotted Doing Laps at Nurburgring: Details + Spot Check

Deep in the lush region of Rhineland in Germany, there is a 150,000+ capacity motorsports complex that is situated close to legendary castles, and houses the original "North Loup" track. The Grand Prix track built in 1984 is what many fans from around the globe come to see, but when a car is being put through a strenuous performance test, it is on the "Nordschliefe" segment of asphalt. Curious diehard auto racing fans always wonder which vehicles are roaring around the track at this legendary location, and we are receiving reports that lead us to believe the ZR1 Corvette is one of the latest and greatest that is zipping around the tight turns here.

Light Camouflage is what the car in question has been spotted touting, and it has been said to have a very large rear wing. Placed there to assure that the amount of downforce is ample, it reminds those who spotted the car of the big one on the Dodge Viper ACR. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are what has been spotted on the rig, which seems surprisingly lightweight in relation to the overall package of the ZR1. The last model on the market was able to provide 638 horsepower from a very supercharged 6.2-liter LS9. With the current Z06 pumping out 60, it is expected that this new ZR1 is going to have the ability to really move itself off the line at fever pitch. This is what the most avid of race enthusiasts would expect, as this legendary vehicle simply had to appear on a poster with a sporty red cover for decades to make any serious driver's mouth water.

The word that is out among many we trust is that the ZR1 will be unveiled at either an IMSA race, or the Corvette Museum itself. If you haven't ever been to Bowling Green KY to visit this sensational shrine, it is where you can take a peek at over 80 Corvettes, test your knowledge with fun kiosks, and get a souvenir from the famed Corvette store. Anyone who simply loves the finer elements of driving is going to be excited when the ZR1 finally hits the streets of Knoxville. We can't imagine just how exciting it will be to finally open one up freely on I-40 as the balmy breezes hit town.

Nurburgring is about the coolest and most unique location that the new 'Vette could be seen at during its final test run stage: it was the main venue for the German Grand Prix as part of the Formula One World Championship after World War II. While practicing for the 1961 German Grand Prix here, Phil Hill became the first driver to complete a lap of the Nordschleife in under 9 minutes. A testimony to stellar production, love of speed and cosmetic car satisfaction, the ZR1 is going to stoke the driving spirit from coast to coast, as its long-awaited release is finally unveiled in the very near future.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hot Off the Web Wire for 2017: Cruze and Malibu Consumer Praise

From James White Pkwy to Western Avenue, we'll be the first to tell you that Knoxville is one fine metro area to take a spur-of-the-moment drive through. When you are getting ready to hit the road in style, there comes a time in life when you are willing to check out just a bit more than cosmetics and performance when it comes to your choice of car, and safety issues become a major concern. There are a few different objectives that you have to meet when being at the top of the list for Consumer Reports picks, and they are all equally important. A model of car has to have an exemplary score in its category, and this single number is gleaned from four equally important root categories.

Road-test performance, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety are the names of the gam here, and they all have a heavy bearing on the reasons why you'd want to purchase a car. For the Cruze and Malibu to snag these very distinguished top honors for Consumer Reports this year, the Road Test has 50 astringent evaluations during which the car of choice is put to the test on a 327-acre track. The ever-important Owner Satisfaction category is what consumers who are turning to this resource sometimes look at in the most detail: they wonder "Just what is it about the car that is making owners happy?". A recent survey from Consumer Reports collected data on more than 300,000 vehicles, and when they rank a certain car such as the Cruze an dMalibu with high scores, they are letting the consumer world know that they would not have a problem buying the same car again. Thinking a car is great enough to purchase twice is saying quite a bit these days, and really claiming it as a diamond in the rough.

Within the realm of safety, every single employee here at West Chevrolet strives to assure that your next choice of vehicle is one that you will be happy to tote around the entire family in. All cars recommended by Consumer Reports must perform satisfactorily in accident-avoidance tests on the track, and occupant protection during a crash is looked at in grave detail. Auto models that incorporate technologies such as forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking systems tend to rank high in this domain, as they can shelter even the most aggressive and unpredictable drive from uncertain instances and crashes.

The Malibu is a car that has an insanely aggressive front end, interior with more rear-seat legroom than years past, and a 350-hp turbo 2.0-liter engine. A hybrid is also available, exciting the many environmentalists out there who want to get the biggest bang and mileage for their investment out of a car. The Chevy Cruze is already known for leading the pack when it boils right down to the standard features, and even the base-model sports a 7-inch touch screen as well as rearview camera. There are so many various reasons why owners of the new Cruze prefer it over the new model Honda Civics: Interior, cabin, and performance are all features that buyers love. We can provide the best source of knowledge and experience for you and your family as you are looking for a new car for 2017, and pride ourselves greatly on "keeping a true consumer-ranked champion" in stock on the lot.