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Monday, September 25, 2017

Mid-engine Chevy Corvette C8 Zora Slated to Pair Next Year With C7 ZR1

The people of Knoxville and surrounding areas have been fairly adamant about their sentiments regarding the Corvette, and have let us know just how excited they are to see improvements and developments within the make. The very first convertible model was introduced at the GM Motorama in 1953, and is currently manufactured nearby, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. A new report last week from Automobile attempted to clear up a bit of the confusion regarding the 2019 models of Corvette. After many years of speculation, this beloved American sports car is slated to make the switch to a mid-engine configuration.  

The C7 ZR1 is the car that is supposed to function as ringleader, and should have the ability to generate around 700 horsepower. The Drive claimed after its performance at Nurburgring that this model “will likely go down in the history books as one of the most spectacular American speed machines ever made”. The car was spotted completing the very difficult 12.9-mile course in just under 7:30. The C7 is likely to be sold alongside the C8 “Zora”, and both are expected to be marketed at 2019 models. The plan is to sell the two for a few years together, before the C7 is eventually laid to rest from production.

What many diehard fans are excited about is the fact that the C7 ZR1 is essentially the last standing chance at nabbing the coveted and iconic auto with a classically configured front engine, rear drive operation. This is the formula that has done very well for the brand for over 60 years, and the decision to switch engine types is a big one. The C8 Zora should have the strength and agility to go head-to-head with vehicles such as the Audi R8 and the McLaren 570S, while potentially being able to out-perform the legendary Porsche 911.

Selected as the official Pace Car of the Indianapolis 500 a whopping 14 times, and Guy Fieri himself drove the Corvette C6 ZR1 during the 2012 race. As everyone at Chuck Hutton continues to provide sales and service for the legendary Corvette, many have asked us about a few other rumors that have recently come to light. Some have wondered whether the Corvette namesake may eventually become its own, and not be under the guise of GM ownership and guidance over the coming years. Even with the resources at our fingertips, we do not know if this is fully true, but we encourage you to stay tuned. Come pay us a visit soon at Chuck Hutton, and check out the wide selection of autos that will ebb at the days of fall, while keeping you jazzed to drive and enthused! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Update On 2019 Predictions: Excitement Abounds in Bringing the Blazer Back

It has been well over a decade since the Blazer was a staple category on Chevy sales floors, and many in the Knoxville metro area have been asking us at the dealership what the scoop is on the future model. Slated to begin production during the middle of next year right here in Tennessee, it has recently been confirmed that the Blazer will soon be back. It will compete more directly with the current available midsize crossovers such as the Ford Edge than it's close-cousin of a predecessor, the Traverse. Weighing in at an estimated 194 inches long, the Blazer will be nearly a foot shorter than the Traverse, making it an easy addition to any urban garage.

When you get right down to the mechanics, the new version of the Blazer is going to be similar to the GMC Acadia, which was recently whittled down in size drastically. The Blazer will be offered in front-wheel drive and AWD configurations, and will have the 4-cylinder as well as V6 option. The 4 will provide about 190 horsepower, and the 6 will have the ability to deliver around 300 for your hill-climbing and other various exploration needs. Right at launch, the 6-speed automatic is what is expected to be stationed in the transmission department, with a 9-speed automatic becoming available a year or later down the road.

The total weight of the new Blazer should top off right at about 4000 pounds, which is about 6-700 pounds lighter than the Traverse. Fuel economy ratings are expected to be around 23 MPG for the 4-cylinder, and right at 17 MPG if you opt for the V6. Expected trim levels are projected to include base LS, midlevel LT, and high-end Premier. One thing everyone on the staff here at West Chevy is excited about is the possibility of the Blazer being made available with an off-road equipment group. It would be similar to the All-terrain package you can get on the Acadia, and potentially offer enhanced All-wheel-drive capability, as well as a more rugged-looking interior.

The original S-10 Blazer was introduced back in 1982, alongside the GMC S-15 Jimmy. Outdoorsy customers all over the nation fell in love with the 2-door version immediately, and the ultimate cross between a pickup and incredibly full-sized car was born. Winner of Playboy Magazine's Truck of the Year in 1995, Motor Trend also favored the Blazer that year as their top-finishing Truck of the year. We can't contain our excitement to see the new versions of Blazer roll out onto the lot, and help all of our valued customers figure out what's perfect for them. Lakes, outdoor landscapes of all varieties, and getting your loved ones around in style are all just around the corner, as the Blazer prepares to re-enter the available Chevy ranks with refined quality!

Friday, September 8, 2017

ZR2 Vs. The Ford Raptor: Conclusions on the Best in Show

Many off-roading enthusiasts who are looking for the best truck out there have understandably gravitated towards the Ford F-150 Raptor. Even us hardcore Chevy converts right here at Jim Butler recognize that it is a pretty bad ass looking, fast, and able vehicle that anyone should feel privileged to step in the ring with. We recognize that it isn't such a bad thing to be stuck in a desert domain with the F-150, but are confident on many levels that Chevy Colorado ZR2 is the best choice for anyone looking to up the ante and pass the final performance tests in the off-road domain.

Wider tracks, a much longer suspension travel, and a shock package that is ready to do some serious damage are some of the key reasons why the 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 is a solid winner in the head-to-head race against the Raptor. We understand that when it comes to trucks, smaller is not always perceived as better, but if you have done any very serious off-roading, you know that a quick look at dimensions can shed quite a bit to light. The Raptor is 2.4 inches wider, and 6.3 inches taller than the ZR2, and outweighs the Chevy by around 700 pounds.

The tendency for some consumers to want a solid diesel option is still very prevalent in the current market, and after checking in you'll see that the ZR2 is available to come with a 2.-liter Duramax high-performing diesel. If you opt for the turbocharged four-cylinder, it is rated at 186 horsepower and 369-lb ft of torque, and able to provide quite a punch when needed. Presiding over daily duties just like any strong tractor would, the diesel option offers those who crave the extra-tough a bit of meat to chew on.
Even with the standard V-6 and transmission from the 8-speed automatic club, the much smaller and lighter ZR2 can get more from a gallon of gas than the Raptor. The EPA rates the Chevy at 16 MPG for city driving, and 18 mpg on the highway. Another important element about the ZR2 is that it is equipped with standard locking front differential, making it the only mid-size truck in its class with both front and rear locking differentials. If you are in a situation that takes you far off the beaten path, experienced off-road drivers will tell you that having the ability to send power to both front wheels can get you out of some hairy scenarios.

The pocketbook is truly the final department that makes the decision for many looking into a new truck. When you pay us a visit at Jim Butler Chevy of St Louis, you can check out how the ZR2 package sits right above the Z71 trim level, on the mid-size of the Colorado Pickup. The extended cab configuration has a 6-foot bed, and the Crew Cab sports four full-size doors with a 5-foot bed. The base SuperCab Raptor costs $52,375, which is a full $11,000 more than the ZR2. We firmly believe that we can show you why the ZR2 is the truck to rock your fall action outdoor itinerary, and allow you to enjoy every inch of your hiking, camping, and other cubicle-escape pack goods!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Monster Energy NASCAR Series Seasonal Shakedown: ZL1 Camaro Poised for Performance

During February early next year, NASCAR fans are going to be able to feast their eyes on what is sure to be a standout and action-packed performance. Race teams representing Chevrolet will be doing so behind the wheel of the Camaro ZL1, a powerful-as-thunder and agile new upgrade on a timeless and track-oriented classic. During all seasons here at West Chevy in Knoxville, there are many loyal customers who walk through the door wondering just how awesome it would be to own a Camaro for themselves and closely exploring a monumental milestone in sports car history.

As Jimmie Johnson himself cruised down Jefferson Avenue right in front of the GM headquarters last week, he was able to partner up in appearance with Dale Earnhardt JR, who will assist him in driving the legendary and revamped #88. Head of GM global product development Mark Reuss and VP of performance vehicles Jim Campbell were also on hand to revel in the new announcement, and Johnson himself deemed the new ZL1 “a monster” and expressed how the torque and power to help it be incredibly fun to handle on the street. It is going to be exciting to see just how well the Camaro stands up during NASCAR matches early next year: while the bitter cold is blanketing much of the nation, the tracks will heat up with action when the nation's major brands are all vying for victory.

Aluminum suspension components for the new Camaro are engineered specifically to reduce unsprung mass, and after this process takes place, improved handling is most certainly the name of the game. Possessing a supercharged 6.2-L LT4 V8, the ZL1 cranks out 650 horsepower, and 650-Lb-ft of torque suitable for the demands of the track. Included with the powerful and foreboding ZL1 are standard Recaro performance seats, which have suede microfiber inserts, and bolsters designed to help reduce interference with the arm during quick shifts. The carbon-fiber composite hood air extractor moves air from the engine so efficiently that it immediately helps to decrease lift, promoting quicker track times, and finesse to reach the finish line.

The amazing 3-stanchion spoiler works overtime to increases downforce, and the Performance Traction Management system is on board to help you achieve quicker lap times. Its presence provides very high-speed stability, which optimizes turn in response, and the exit speeds reached while cornering. When the trusty ZL1 was put to the test at Nurburgring, it completed the world-famous 12.9-mile road course in a lightening quick time of 7:16:04. 

With 8 standard air bags, an ultra-high strength steel safety cage, and other features such as Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, you can rest assured that you'll be set to take a cruise with the ultimate in protective features surrounding you. The thrills on the track are sure to erupt immediately as soon as the ZL1 gets into gear, and we're excited to see the many ways in which it is guaranteed to “bring the heat”!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Going Racing With a Fervor Down Under: Colorado ZR2 Dishes Out High-Octane Action

Going Racing With a Fervor Down Under: Colorado ZR2 Dishes Out High-Octane Action
The ZR2 has solidified itself as a very able and sturdy rock crawler, as well as a vehicle that can stand up under intense pressure, no matter what the environment demands. Last week, it was a contender in the Hell Racing endurance test: a 550-mile Vegas to Reno race that will no doubt boost the namesake and popularity of this truck. Perfect for kicking up some mud around Knoxville during your down time, the featured model ran the 3.6-liter V6 engine, along with an 8-speed transmission to handle the demanding shifting duties. During an all-out longevity trial such as this, the suspension needs to be way above par, and the ultra-unique spool valve damper-based setup was tweaked and modified slightly to meet the demands.

The fun-to-drive and appealing pickup also gained a roll bar and 44-gallon tank for the long distance off road race, and also beta tested a few new accessories that could ultimately find their way into the official parts catalog for the coming year. billed this truck as “just right” and “leaving you grinning ear to ear”, the team loved having the truck hop over all of the obstacles that came up in its way. They took the ZR2 to Bangs Canyon, Colorado, where they discovered that its specific configuration and size truly put it in a class of its own. Shorter in length and height than many of its direct competitors, drivers and journalists alike have loved the compact, yet aggressive feel of the ZR2 when it comes to the handling end.

All the way on the other side of the globe, the lovers of the rough and tumble races that exciting trucks can offer are going to get a dose of a very high-octane series featuring the Colorado ZR2. A new road and street series called “SuperUtes” is taking off in Australia over the next year, and the ZR2 is the first backed entry vehicle ready for the course. The proposed calendar has a kick-off at the Adelaide 500, and then has a swing to the northern region, bringing its excitement and thrills to Darwin and Townsville. Queensland Raceway and Sydney Motorsports Park are next on the list, followed up with three rounds at Bathurst, on the arid and sunny Gold Coast.

All trucks enlisted to strut their stuff during this event must belong to the production-based dual-twin cab category, with rear wheel drive, and a turbo manufacturer engine. The minimum in the all-important weight department is 1800 kg, and a control cage is needed as well. OEM front suspension components, control gearbox and ratios, and control rear axle assembly, as well as Detroit locker, are required to be on board. If you are curious to see just how awesome the features are on this amazing dirt trail conquering truck, pay us a visit on the lot here at West Chevy! You'll quickly take a liking to just how great the ZR2 is at absorbing impact, and how every inch is designed for the ultimate in off-road performance.