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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Battle at Hand and Chevy's Knoxville Formula for Rivaling Moxie

During the month of January at West Chevy, there are some long stretches of time spent in our respective “war rooms”: this is when the competition has carefully laid out their plans to try and dominate their markets for the year! Ford, Chevy, and Ram have all rolled out revamped full-size pickup trucks for sale this year, and there will definitely be a showdown of sorts to compete through. Ford and Chevy have battled it out head-to-head for years, with Ram products hot on their trail month after month. Our prized Chevy Silverado is going to debut in just a few short weeks at the Detroit Auto Show, and will go on sale later in the year. Here are a few of the most important things to take note of regarding our competition, and why we feel Chevy is the best contender to diligently cross the finish line!

During 2017, Ford Trucks were celebrating their first full year of sales for the brand new F-150 pickup. This is a number that has been the best-selling vehicle in the US for over 40 years, and finished last season with a high dose of success. But, it's important to note that last year had a bit of a bumpy start, as the new truck assembled with lightweight aluminum met skepticism from some diehard truck fans. The F-series has been around since 1948, and a massive redesign took place 3 years ago when the 13th version was introduced. For many customers nationwide, Ford is the maker of the quintessential and most road-worthy pickup, but we feel that our expertly-designed Silverado can eventually stop this tough competitor dead in its tracks!

The Dodge Ram 1500 is definitely a bit less expensive than the F-150 or Silverado, and many loyal truck lovers purchase it model after model. The Ram 1500 has big-rig styling that gives it a defined and aggressive stance, an interior with some of the coolest modern styling around, and some pretty hefty bonus points in the suspension department. One area where it falls short is the towing capacity: it is less than either the F-150 or Silverado. This is a very important category in the game of truck appeal: many who are frequently camping or in contractor's shoes need that hearty pull potential.

Over the past week, Business Insider was righteously excited enough about the New Year's events to begin an intro with the words, “Behold, the 2019 Silverado!”. Those in the auto industry will get their first real look in Detroit in just a few weeks, but a pre-reveal took place for some in Dallas late last year. Chevy truck lines date back an entire century, and the Silverado namesake is currently headed into its fourth generation. Just one of the many areas where we outlap the competition is with the 4G LTE WiFi connection on board, as well as the impeccably up-to-date and easy to use Infotainment system. Ask us about how incredible the Silverado Custom model is: it's your ticket to 20-inch aluminum wheels, body-color surround, locking tailgate, OnStar Guidance, a 7.0-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and power adjustable and heated side view mirrors.

If you are really looking to up the ante and get your hands on one of the most feature-filled trucks in existence, the High Country model quenches your appetite for rugged durability by offering up chrome running boards, 20-inch chrome wheels, front and rear body-color bumpers, spray-on bed liner, heated and ventilated 12-way power seats, and an 8-inch touchscreen display. Safety is always a prime concern for anyone in the market for a new truck, and the 2018 Chevy Silverado received the highest overall rating from the NHTSA, which is five stars. With Teen Driver and rear view camera now standard on all models, you'll have a pretty good idea of whether or not the younger ones in your troupe are completing their drive safely, and if there are any rapid changes taking place in your backup zone!  

Taking the Driver-less Challenge: Self-Driving Bolt Ready for Testing Minus Steering Wheel

As the race to provide a car that can fully function without a driver continues to heat up, many Knoxville residents are wondering just how long it will really be until traditional driving really becomes a thing of the past. To many of us on location here at West Chevy, there is nothing better than firmly grabbing hold of the wheel, going through the gears until you hit optimum speed, and feeling everything the pavement has to offer with full-forced results. Just this year, we marveled at the release of the new Blade Runner movie: the technology of the future is definitely portrayed well, and stokes our imagination with a fervor.

As the future collides with the very traditional driving mantra, not all that many skilled drivers are used to will be lost! On long trips, passengers, as well as drivers, will soon be sleeping, and the journey will be mapped out long beforehand. GM has now made the move to officially ask the government to approve test fleets of the latest Chevy Bolt version, which is sans steering wheel, accelerator, or brake pedal. This type of approval is necessary before any manufacturer can operate a fully driver-less vehicle for various types of commercial use.

During November, GM stated that it expected to have the ability to transport goods as well as people with self-driving vehicles in large metro areas sometime during 2019. Since the acquisition of Cruise Automation during spring of 2016, GM and Cruise have worked hard to develop four different generations of autonomous Chevy Bolts. As things progress rapidly, and other beta tests have been completed, the latest version has absolutely no steering wheel, and there are no pedals with which to speed up or slow down. The Doors open and close automatically, and LiDAR software fulfills the duties of sensor and laser-guidance technology.

Before a vehicle can be slated to transport people, it has to complete a rigorous standards testing that is created and mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. One legal issue is that those standards always require strict compliance with human driver tests, as well as manual steering, braking, and acceleration performance. NHTSA has had no chief former administrator on duty since their previous expert departed during late November of 2016, to take on a role with a San Francisco autonomous technology firm.

Nonetheless, it is now very evident that traditional driving will soon be changed forever. Until then, we'll still be in love with all of the driver-controlled options here at West Chevy, and the feel that you do get when hitting the open road for some solitude. As advancements on the Bolt continue down the pipeline, we are poised to keep everyone updated on how a hands-free environment will make the trip less strenuous, and ultimately change the landscape for transportation permanently!

Monday, January 8, 2018

“Macomb Daily” Praises Test Drive with the Big and Bold 2018 Chevy Tahoe

Over recent times, many brands have focused on making the smallest and most Eco-friendly cars imaginable. There are scores of customers who are interested in the most fuel-efficient and scaled-down vehicles in existence, and to be fair, the offerings have been excellent. The almighty dollar governs many purchases, and it is quite understandable that the bottom line and mileage are going to be a deciding factor for scores of customers that need a new car. But some good news for 2018 and consumers right here in Knoxville is that you can still “Go big” and get your hands on a full-size SUV that is still available, and the 2018 Chevy Tahoe is one of the choice contenders for your next purchase.

Matt Myftiu of the Macomb Daily recently was given the opportunity to test drive a new Tahoe, and came back with a very glowing opinion. There is nothing subtle about the Tahoe, and its size as well as its bulk fares as a positive. It is still shorter than the extended-length Chevy Suburban, and the three rows provide seating for up to nine. There are also variations in the interior that seat 7, with captain's chairs situated in the middle of the row. This design was billed by Matt as nice and roomy, with very easy access to the third row.

People and cargo are going to be two of the precious commodities that you are moving around in your new Tahoe, and the cargo space is impressive by any standards. The wood grain trimming and quality materials found throughout the interior also fared well on this test drive, as did the heated leather seats and steering wheel. We know that we aren't the first to remind you how cold it has been in Tennessee lately, and these little heated “extra bonuses” can really hit the spot some mornings!

Riding high in the Tahoe is NOT a drawback of this large vehicle, while so many other drivers are boxed-in below and volatile as they pine their path delicately down the expressway. Navigation during inclement weather is going to simply rock: a bit of precipitation isn't even going to come close to altering your final destination ETA. Featuring a powerful and astute 5.3-liter V8 Eco Tec 3 engine, you'll love the power generated, and hopefully you'll opt for four-wheel drive, another element-conquering tool of the bad-ass genre. If towing duties are what has you concerned during the New Year, the Tahoe can pull up to 8.600 pounds if properly equipped, and many boats will be gracing their racks during the warmer months here in Knoxville.

During the test drive, Voice controls were responsive to command, and the placement of volume control buttons behind the steering wheel yielded definite plus points. The forward collision warning, lane keep assist, and blind spot monitoring features are there to provide the ultimate in protective guise: all of these additives help keep you aligned, alert, and inept from making any split-second mistakes when it matters most. If you generally have a “whole lot of stuff” in your daily regimen, this year's Tahoe is poised to properly pull the weight.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

West Chevy Milestone Reflections: Looking Back on 100 Years of Powerful Torque

As we once again find ourselves situated at the end of another year in Knoxville, it's one of those moments when we can take a look back at the production and history of the brand we love. Torque is the actual force that an engine generates while it is twisting, and over the last century, Chevy has provided durable trucks with powerful torque for over 85 million new customers. Driving off the lot with a new truck that can help you haul whatever you need to, as well as conquering new terrain always can make your New Year that much better, and here at West Chevy, we have a large variety to choose from.

Things have progressed massively since the very first one-ton model from 1918, which had a 2.8-liter inline 4-cylinder engine, and only provided a meek 45 lb-ft of torque. There's a close relative of this very same engine in the form of a 2.45-liter that is now situated in the Colorado, that is now rated at 191 lb-ft of torque, or 76 lb-ft per liter. This is a very hefty 480 percent increase in power, which shows just how far engineering and development have progressed in the truck world.

Dominating the collection of various trucks in terms of power is the Silverado 3500 HD, which tops the scale at a full ton, and houses an available Duramax 6.6-liter Turbo Diesel V-8. High-tech advances such as turbocharging and direct injection are other integral weapons in the fight to provide more torque per liter, which means every brand-new owner can haul that much more cargo in the long run.

The First Stovebelt Six was released in 1929, and was a prime example of grade A truck construction. It was a great accomplishment, in that it forever changed the work-load rating from 1 ton to 1.5 tons. The Stovebelt Six nickname came from the type of external fasteners it uses that are similar to the bolts on wood-burning stoves. These fasteners quickly became symbols of how durable the engine is, and from this design stemmed several more generations of Chevy overhead-valve straight-six engines. This engine put to use a forged steel crankshaft with three bearings and cast-iron pistons, and the 194 was shared with GMC and Chevy truck for use in 1935, and 1936.  

The first small-block V-8 from Chevy was introduced in 1955, it subsequently was the very first overhead-valve V-8 engine. During later days, it was known simply as the “Small Block”, and was outfitted with a 265-cubic inch engine that was capable of producing 238 lb-ft of torque. It was a model that later evolved into one of the industry's longest-standing engine offerings. A decade after the small block was introduced, the big block engine family made its debut, which was a milestone as far as performance level for all gas-powered trucks. It is actually still in existence, and is situated in the fifth generation of Chevy trucks for the 2018 year.

During the 1980's, Chevy made the choice to exchange high compression ratings for boosted levels of technology. Electronic fuel injection was developed, resulting in the possibility of higher efficiency numbers. Torque in the small-block engine was boosted to 300 lb-ft during 1987. A few years later, the 5.7-liter Vortec Small-block provided a 10% increase in torque, a substantial gain after so much progress had already been made. Variable valve timing and direct injection are two of the technologies that have really been able to boost the performance factor of trucks, and change their output for the better. In the current Silverado 1500, a rating of 460 lb-ft has been accomplished with the use of these technological advances.

Duramax Technology first came about during 2001 for Chevys HD trucks, and was the beginning of a very new era of the highest in capability. The second-generation available in the 2018 Silverado HD lineup boasts an impressive output of 910 lb-ft of torque.Car and Driver was on the scene to record a 0-60 mph time for a very quick 6.2 seconds completed by a Silverado powered by Duramax, which was the quickest time ever laid down for an HD truck. The latest version is the L5P, which was introduced in 2017, and the most powerful diesel engine in existence. It is so powerful and capable, that TFL Truck has on record a climb up the Eisenhower-grade in Colorado in 10:16.99 minutes, about 12 seconds faster than the nearest one-ton competitor!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Nearing New Year's in Knoxville: The Chevy Colorado 4WD LT's Practical Punch

As 2017 draws to a close, the residents of Knoxville will no doubt be looking to mingle, blow off steam, and perhaps find a soiree to show off that brand new vehicle at! New Year's Eve in the Old City will be an ultra-fun pub crawl: after purchasing one wristband, you gain access to five hoppin' venues that evening. Each bar has a different theme to keep you rockin' through the Eve, and they have also partnered with the Downtown Hilton of Knoxville to offer guests a special hotel package with overnight board and shuttle service. Embassy Suites Knoxville West is having a super-awesome black-tie affair, with dancing on their stunning ballroom floor, and traditional champagne toast at midnight.

With the year drawing to a close, many of our customers are telling us about their large dose of love for their trucks. Over the past week, LA Times writer Charles Fleming was assigned to uncover the finer points of driving the Colorado Redline 4WD LT, and the truly midsize design was one element that really stood out for him. He felt after trying many of last year's truck models out that “Climbing into the driver's seat requires a stepladder or running leap”, and enjoyed the Colorado's slightly lower stance. To be exact, it is about two inches lower than the Rival Ford F-150, sitting at right around 22.

Charles has much love for the Colorado in terms of the backup camera's usefulness and help it provides: he claimed ease of parking was a hugely positive selling point. This is also a truck that is a great choice for anyone who has to navigate down narrow streets, and was subsequently billed by Car and Driver as the all-able “Swiss Army Truck”. The 4-wheel drive and 3.6-liter V-6 engine are paired with perfection to Chevy's 8-speed automatic transmission, and it's good to know that this truck boasts a towing ability of 7000 lbs +. When people are asking us about which truck is right for them, this model really gets our pick for the “Do Everything” crew cab. With plenty of speed available, it is still off-road ready on short notice.

Come pay us a holiday visit at West Chevy and check out how great the “Active Tow” system is: it helps the driver by aligning the pickup during reverse, and V-6 models come standard with it. We are all very excited about Chevy's 100th anniversary this year, and the commemorative package for the Colorado is the perfect way to go about celebrating. Nabbing this gives you color-keyed grille and rear bumper, spray-in bed liner, chrome exterior bits, and the “Go Anywhere” attitude 18-inch wheels. One of the most sensible trim lines for anyone looking to get into a new Colorado is the LT: it equips you with some post holiday-awesomeness in terms of the crew cab, 3.6-liter V-6, all-wheel-drive, and standard box. After the dust settles and the New Year's parties are over, The Colorado will be dominating Knoxville streets: we love that folks out in the City of Angels are raving about its functionality, and it could be your perfect choice to ring in New Year's Folly!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Carbon Fiber Future Watch: Chevy Silverado's Plan to Get on Board

Truck production and design in the future will change drastically, and use of different materials is one of the pressing issues in the spotlight. Here in Knoxville, we have been watching intently as most already are familiar with features on 2018 models, wondering what exactly trucks will showcase down the road. 

According to Automotive News, the Chevy Silverado is going to make use of both aluminum and carbon fiber in their beds for years to come. We love the durability and “go-anywhere” stance of the Silverado, and many different research teams have taken it upon themselves to find ways to increase mileage capability, while possessing the ultimate structure.

Carbon fiber is stronger and lighter in weight than steel and aluminum, yet takes a bit more time and finances to produce. Use of this material ultimately results in reducing the weight of the truck, and improving fuel economy numbers. Both of these are done without sacrificing the qualities that lead to a more rugged and durable truck, and remain as trusty as ever. The Ford F-150 had begun using aluminum during production in 2015, and the results were way above par. The next generation of trucks will be constructed primarily with aluminum, with the added use of carbon fiber just a few years ahead on the horizon.

Here on the lot at West Chevy, you can come pay us a visit to check out the Commemorative Centennial Edition: proudly celebrating over 100 years of manufacturing for Chevy trucks, it sports unique Centennial Blue Paint color, as well as cool badging that is inspired by many decades of heritage and legacy. It's easy to customize the Silverado 1500 to exactly what your preferred truck taste is: going for the mid-level LT trim allows you to enjoy the short bed, crew cab, 5.3-liter V8, along with all-wheel drive. If you happen to be concerned about any of the younger ones around and what happens when they get behind the wheel, you'll love the Teen Driver system. It tracks specific driving behaviors, and limits others that could prove to be hazardous.

Once the teens return home, parents can actually view a detailed report card, focusing on issues such as over-speed, tailgating instances, and other data points to help shape future behaviors. Before the appearance of carbon fiber and aluminum becomes commonplace down the road, there is currently one great option to really beef up the off-road capability of the truck: the Z71 package. It includes body-color grille surround with headlamp bezel, as well as 18-inch wheels with all-terrain tires. You also score a trailering package with 2-inch receiver hitch, and automatic rear locking differential, and the very “can do” capable off-road suspension with Rancho shocks. Make it a point to check out the Texas Edition Package as well: it includes a 10-way power-adjustable driver's seat, handy remote start, and modern dual-zone automatic climate control.

Your Commute Just Got Less Stressful With Marketplace

Even with today’s ubiquitous technological advancements, it seems we’re still quite the busybodies despite innovations being made to take the stress off of our day-to-day lives.

While not one correct answer lies out there, Chevrolet has thought of making the morning coffee run easier for those rushing to the office in the morning. Starting now GM is rolling out the auto industry’s first in-vehicle commerce platform allowing you make purchases right from your dash.

The new Marketplace feature will allow customers to order a variety of goods including food, coffee, navigation to seek the nearest gas stations for a quick fill up or restaurants for a quick bite or to make reservations for a big event allowing drivers to develop a further connection to their favorite brands. While building trust is with others is great, GM wants to develop a further connection with their drivers as well.

Marketplace will also feature dedicated offers on specific GM Vehicles such as purchasing Wi-Fi data, receiving coupons for oil changes and other service discounts, and other GM accessories. These features can all be activated with a simple push of a button through all on-screen notifications.  

All of these features are designed to be used while driving, but making sure you’re safe in doing so. Marketplace learns from you in real-time by analyzing your interaction data, like your location, time of day and your relationship with third-party merchants so you’re receiving offers personalized to your interests. While these won’t cure all of your daily commute troubles, this is certainly a step in the right direction which will give you less time on the road and more time doing what you truly enjoy.