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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

ZR1 Corvette Selected as Prized Pace Car For 2018 Indy 500

A famed event that is bound to get everyone excited here in Knoxville is the coming of the Indianapolis 500. Billed as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, it is included as part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, which comprises three of the most heralded events worldwide, including the Monaco Grand Prix, and the 24 Hours of LeMans. It is very thrilling for all of us here at West Chevy to announce that the 2019 Corvette ZR1 will be the car chosen to lead drivers to the green flag that Sunday, in the high-octane and action-packed race sponsored by PennGrade Motor Oil.

This is the 15th time that a Corvette has been awarded the duty of official Pace Car since 1978, and the 29th time that a Chevy car has led the way, a tradition that dates way back to 1948. This was when a Fleetmaster six convertible was the selected leader. There has been no other vehicle at all that served as the front-running leader to the flag more often than the Corvette, and to celebrate this legacy, the 2019 ZR1 along with 14 other 'Vettes that have Paced during the Indianapolis 500 were on display there last week. It makes sense that the fastest Corvette ever made is going to proudly pace for the Indy once again, and many who are unfamiliar with the wide spectrum of this amazing car's potential will get an opportunity to witness it up close and personal.

The 2019 ZR1 Pace Car musters its muscle for the track from the LT5 Small Block 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 engine, with 755 hp, and 715 lb-ft of torque. Shifting duties are completed by means of the 8-speed 8L90 paddle-shift automatic transmission, slaying the task at hand while the ZR1 avidly handles every inch of the track. We can show you here at West Chevy how the performance package enhances the ZR1: it adds an adjustable stanchion-mounted carbon fiber high rear wing, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires, and the world-class performance-tuned suspension.

Magnetic Selective Ride Control is the very first fast-reacting suspension ever built, originally presented to the high-performance market from Cadillac. This amazing system uses a specific fluid that is infused expertly with magnetized particles, that are put in place to respond to the rapid changes that occur during different driving conditions, and variances in speed on the track. It was engineered with such a high level of expertise, that it can respond and react quickly to every unique corner or bump in the road with amazing precision, and quickly make adjustments to perfect the ride.

The Performance Data and Video Recorder available for the ZR1 converts the vehicle into an advanced driving analysis tool. Every aspect of your driving is recorded, including real-time video and audio, along with 34 different channels of performance data, to help review your last drive. You can take an up-close look at your most thrilling moments from the track, and use the data to analyze how to hone in on lowering your time, or handling for your next run. Everyone on staff here at West Chevy of Knoxville will be watching the race this May, and we can't contain our excitement about once again offering up another Pace Car contender!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Colorado ZR2 Snags Honors for “Must Test Drive” Award Winner Via Autotrader

This past week, the 2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 had the opportunity to add heftily to its growing list of awards, with its new recognition as a 2018 Autotrader Must Test Drive Award winner. It was one of twelve different high-achieving vehicles announced by the publication, and was the only pickup truck in the group to be selected. Some of the factors that winners were chosen for included interior comfort, materials, available technology, and quality of the ride. The truck we love so much to represent was praised highly for “Easy-to-handle dimensions” and “Very cool off-road capabilities”. Autotrader notes that the ZR2 is absolutely a true off-road machine, with a uniquely rugged vibe, and a vehicle that is consistently ready for almost anything under the sun to be thrown at it.

Chief engineer for midsize truck of GM Anita Burke quoted last week that her entire team is “honored by this recognition, and thrilled that Autotrader has picked up on the versatile footprint and serious off-road capabilities of ZR2”. This is a truck that built very strongly on the already very capable platform of the Colorado, and all West Chevy customers who are looking for a great truck or off-road vehicle should give it a sense-awakening test drive. The ZR2 is a truck that combines the maneuverability and nimbleness of a mid-size pickup perfectly with a host of new off-road features and technology, and can be a powerful additive to your family or business vehicle lineup!

The ZR2 is very unique to a standard Colorado truck, in that it features a three-and-a-half inch wider track, as well as a suspension with a two-inch lift, directly from the factory. Other additives include rocker protection to help get over vehicles, and front as well as rear bumpers modified for what boils down to extremely taught and successful off-road clearance. You'll get to experience the outright usefulness and tough functionality of front and rear locking differentials, available diesel engine, and the very first off-road application of Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve damper technology. This allows for extra flexibility tuned into the discs themselves, as well as the shape and size of the ports they cover, and also determines how much fluid flows between the chambers above and below the piston.

Four Wheeler editor Ken Brubaker wrote this past month that “The ZR2 takes the capable Colorado platform to a new level, with a dizzying array of modifications including front and rear differential lockers, a 2-inch higher ride height, 3.5-inch wider track width, additional skidplating, 31-inch tires, and many more off-road centric goodies”. One has to keep in mind that this is also the truck that won the prestigious 2018 Pickup Truck of the Year from Four Wheeler, after extensive ramp travel and scrutinizing track testing over 1,000 miles of varied terrain.

Judges were in awe of the protection of the underbody via means of additional skidplating, and the ability to really handle well over choppy sand or rough trails at very high speeds. It may be navigation over a tight two-rock trail, or running over vast spaces at high speeds: whatever scenarios you are facing, this year's ZR2 can provide the strength and vigor to see you up and over the top. When you come visit us here in Knoxville at West Chevy, check out this award-winning truck's massive connectivity features: the infotainment system is equipped with full navigation capabilities, and an 8-inch touchscreen to boot!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Chevy Hailed as J.D. Power's Most Awarded Brand for 2017 Year

Customers that are visiting us here at West Chevy of Knoxville have different questions when they come in on the hunt for their ultimate vehicle, and some families have more specific needs than others. We all take a great amount of pride in the various safety features that you can find on Chevy trucks and cars, and the many high marks we have gleaned from auto blogs worldwide about the appeal of our brand's interior features. Last week, Chevrolet was named J.D. Power's most awarded brand of 2017 at the J.D. Power Automotive Summit, where 6 various cars, trucks, and SUVs won a total of nine awards in 3 crucial studies. Initial Quality, Vehicle Dependability, and APEAL Studies were the areas that Chevy vehicles had first-rate performance.

GM North American president Alan Batey claimed that “Chevrolet is winning with consumers, because designers, engineers, and dealers are focused on delivering great products, as well as a great ownership experience”. The Vehicle Dependability Study examines major issues reported by owners of vehicles that have aged a full 3 years, and ultimately determines which autos are the most reliable in the long run. As far as 2014 models were concerned, the Chevy Sonic, Camaro, Tahoe, and Silverado HD were deemed the most reliable in this category.

The Initial Quality Study completes the task of measuring various problems experienced by owners during the first 3 months. The Silverado, Silverado HD, and Chevy Sonic all dominated the pack, displaying extreme prowess and excellence throughout the first 90 days of ownership. This is a time period during car ownership that is much more important than some realize: even though most cars possess the ability to perform superbly upon purchase, there are some problems and defects that owners may want to avoid with their purchase.

The Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout Study (APEAL) measures the level of emotional attachment and excitement customers have about their car purchase, across several categories. The Chevy Tahoe and Bolt both dominated this segment, proving once again that many Chevy owners tend to “consider their car their best friend”. Led by Chevrolet, GM has delivered 4 consecutive years of pickup sales domination in the mid and large-size trucks categories, due to our strong 3-truck strategy. Last year, our beloved Tahoe and Suburban both accounted for nearly half of all large SUV's delivered to U.S. Retail customers.

As soon as the all-new Equinox and Traverse were launched, many customers worldwide agreed that it was the broadest and freshest lineup of crossovers for the last two years. Chevy is now the top leader in manufacturing affordable, long-range Evs, with 43,646 Bolts and Volts delivered to customers during the 2017 sales year. During the near future, many will purchase an electric car that had previously never thought of doing so, and we stand by the fact that our options are the savviest and high-performing on the market. Product excellence is a trait that we really endorse here at West Chevy, and we will be happy as always to assist you during all steps of the purchase process!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

NTEA 2018 Features New Silverado 4500 HD, 5500HD, and 6500 HD Releases

Around the office here at West Chevy over the last year, we have had many talks about customer-focused trucks, and the features that rank highest on the list when a new purchase is going to be made. Possessing the simple quality of being easy to drive has become a very important attribute lately, as we notice a larger number of customers coming in that are looking to feel completely at ease while they are behind the wheel. Being able to service a vehicle easily is another quality that customers are on the hunt for, as many are now learning to do their own repairs. “Walk up” access to the engine is sought after more commonly, and another request that Chevy has been avidly listening to.

During the first week of March at the NTEA Work Truck Show, Chevy released its first-ever Silverado Class 4, 5, and 6 chassis cab trucks. These are 3 immensely capable conventional cab models, and will be the most customer-focused trucks of any major competitor. Valued input from fleet managers, technicians, upfitters, and truck drivers, as well as dealers nationwide, were all factors in the development of these versatile and sturdy new Silverado trucks. They will be available in 2WD as well as 4WD, and will be powered by a 6.6-liter 350 horsepower Duramax diesel engine, offering up 700 lb-ft of torque. Since the Allison transmission line has a history of very well-proven power, loyal Chevy owners will appreciate this addition, as well as the Duramax diesel engine, which provides a great power option for this medium-duty truck line.

The Silverado will now be the most connected commercial truck out there, thanks to options that include Commercial Link and OnStar, wireless phone charging ability, Bluetooth, and support for AppleCarplay as well as Android Auto. During the last year, GM fleet delivered nearly 300,000 units to commercial and government customers, the most on record since 2008. This resulted in Chevy gaining nearly 1.4 percentage points of the entire market share, and this new 3-pickup strategy was built around the Colorado mid-size pickup, as well as the Silverado's ¼ – ton and 1-ton models.

One of the best solutions that we feel we are now able to offer Knoxville area car buyers is offering trucks such as these, that have a focus on not being difficult to drive. There are many models out there that have been constructed with poor downward perspective for the driver, combined with poor low-speed maneuverability due to the narrow cuts of the wheels. This can make for a very tricky to maneuver driving experience, and Chevy has strived to provide up to 50-degree wheel cuts, as well as a hood that is countered to fully optimize the driver's perspective of the road below them.

Another feature that really gives us a sense of pride for these 3 new models is the adamant solving of a very common noise problem. Aftermarket air suspensions that you won't find in a Ford or a Ram are triple-sealed, with insert doors to help reduce road and other wind noise. Huck bolts are incorporated throughout the frame, for a high amount of force for clamping. We encourage you to visit us this spring at West Chevy, and check out the 7 cab-to-axle options, all sized to 8-inch increment. Offering the best in trucks that provide durability, rugged appeal, and long-lasting performance, everyone here is excited about the release of these new models. West Chevy is consistently your on-point location for top-notch sales and service in Knoxville, and we guarantee no shortage of truck excitement for buyers during spring of 2018!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hitting the Road Soon? Chevy Introduces an Engineered Map of Vacation Spots

As signs of spring are beginning to show themselves here in Knoxville, many customers coming to visit are getting ready to purchase vehicles that they love to travel in. You may want to see the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, or take a family trip back East to see All-American landmarks like the Liberty Bell. After you have secured yourself a lease or purchase on a stellar 2018 model that is great for the trip, sometimes the route in question needs a bit of extra attention. The excitement of pro sporting events, museums that stoke learning, and legendary spots such as Mount Rushmore always stir a sense of American pride, as well as love of adventure.

Recently, Chevy enlisted the expertise of data scientist Randy Olson to help travelers make the most of their plans, while on the hunt for the best route to take through every single state. When Chevy conducted a survey about travel and which items rank high with parents, time that is spent exploring new destinations, and locations that stood out from the crowd were two of the highest-ranked qualities desired for family road trips. Providing destination directions for U.S. Landmarks such as the Legendary Grand Canyon and Devil's Tower in Wyoming, the date on this map provides users with an efficient route between destinations, and paves the way for drivers to enjoy the locations with a minimal amount of backtracking.

The design on the map allows anyone viewing it to hit the road with any location as a starting point, and drive as much or as little as they want to daily. Chevy is the only brand to earn J.D. Power Dependability Awards for cars, trucks, and SUV's three years ina a row, solidifying our brand's promise to assure that you feel safe during all stages of the drive. The national survey commissioned by Chevy found that parents will typically have on board an average of 6.6 mobile devices for streaming, entertainment, and navigation while on the road. The Chevy Trax, Traverse, and Equinox all have excellent technology options to assure that all passengers on board stay connected with the best in 4G LTE WI-FI.

One of the most useful features of this partnership with this highly intelligent navigation guru was created with those in mind who are looking to embark on shorter distances. You may want to make a bulls-eye for your trip to the Northeast, or sunny and warm West coast in particular, where you can enjoy great locations such as Napa wine country. If you have just secured a lease or purchase from us here at West Chevy, most of the most interesting destination on the map for you and your family is the Patriot's Point Naval attraction, in Charleston, South Carolina.

With more than 270,000 visitors each year, this spot boasts one of the largest education and overnight camping programs in the country, seeing more than 40,000 school age children attending programs annually. Enjoying sights such as the U.S. Yorktown are bound to make your summer stand out in your long-term memory, and a brand new vehicle from us here at West Chevy will make getting there a comfortable, enjoyable, and very safe experience!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

West Chevy's Eye on Environment: Future Bolt EV Production To Increase

As spring looms pleasantly around the corner for all of us here at West Chevy of Knoxville, we are paying close attention to how different automakers worldwide are pledging in their own ways to aid the state of the environment. During the annual CERAWeek energy conference in Houston, GM Ceo Mary Barry announced that with the increase in global demand, Chevy Bolt EV Production is slated to be ramped up drastically. This production will take place at the Orion Assembly plant north of Detroit, and the ultimate goal is to build around 30,000 units per year.

Heavily in the spotlight as of late has been the grave importance regarding the need to remove barriers that exist in consumers accepting the presence of electronic vehicles. Our sales and service staff here at West Chevy believes that the energy industry, as well as various other stakeholders, should partner with auto manufacturers to develop a healthy infrastructure for charging, that drives consumers' confidence to be able to use their EV's in all types of locations. Last year, Chevy proudly announced a drastic expansion of electric car plans, and among them are 2 new electric vehicles based on the EV Bolt Platform within the next 18 months. 
There will also be 18 more within the next 5 years, a period of very rapid growth.

The base LT trim for the Bolt leaves you equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, HID headlights, a rearview camera, single-zone automatic climate control, keyless start/entry, an 8.0-inch re-configurable display, and Chevy's MyLink infotainment system, accompanied by a 10.2-inch touchscreen. We can show you all of the details about the Premiere Trim level as well: here you gain leather upholstery, a 360-degree view camera system, heated steering wheel, ambient lighting, heated front and rear seats, blind spot warning, rear parking sensors, and rear-cross traffic alert.

During the all-important IIHS testing stages, last year's Bolt EV received a score of “good” on every single crash test except for the headlight category, as well as the “Superior”rating on the front crash prevention test. This was due to the avoidance of a 12 as well as 25 – MPH collision, and the Bolt then received Top Safety Pick rating from the IIHS for the entire year. Behind the 60/40 split-folding rear seats you'll find 16.9 cubic feet of cargo space, and when they are folded all the way down, offer up 56.6 cubic feet. U.S. News claimed in its car blog this month that the 2018 Bolt has “zippy performance and a spacious interior”, and commended it for its long range, quick charging time, and abundant power.

We can show you here at West Chevy how the Bolt boasts the claim to one of the longest ranges available for electric cars. At 238 total miles, it's easy to rejuvenate the battery power overnight with the use of a 240-volt charger. You'll potentially save hundreds of dollars with the alleviation of a fuel budget, and we are all very excited about the soon-to-be-heightened level of production for the country's most smart and sophisticated option for a versatile electric car!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 Highlights One Hundred Years of Innovative Change: 2018 Silverado Centennial

Chevy's very first pickup debuted back in 1918, and professional curator Leslie Kendall of Los Angeles's Petersen Automotive Museum lamented that the differences between past and present are definitely “night and day”. During the month of March here at West Chevy in Knoxville, we are all about remembering a very important date in Chevy history: it was a century ago this January that the 490 light delivery model was brought to the market. This was, for the most part, a type of stripped-out passenger car, that had its body replaced with a pickup bed, and saw the addition of stronger springs to cart crops around. It then proudly touted a 4-cylinder engine, that produced a relatively small dose of 24 horsepower.

Within the truck realm there have always been many contrasts between the present and past, and today's Silverado model is quite the amazing advancement. It is a 5,300-pound truck that comfortably can seat five, and has the ability to tow six tons. These days, it is powered by a 5.3-liter V8, producing 355 horsepower. The top-selling vehicle within the GM portfolio, it accounted for 585,000 total models sold last year, and ranked second place among every single passenger vehicle. Since those days long ago when Chevy introduced the now very primitive-seeming 490, Chevy has sold an estimated 85 million trucks. During December, the Texas Motor 
Speedway was the scene of the Chevy Truck Centennial Event, where very loyal customers tried their hand at gauging the towing capabilities of new trucks. They also had the opportunity to climb up steep inclines with the new off-road Colorado ZR2.

Many of those in attendance have owned numerous Chevy truck models in their lifetime, and have consistently raved about the brand's very high level of dependability, as well as its rugged breed of toughness. One very loyal Silverado owner from Round Rock, Texas claimed that “if he won any other truck in a lottery, he would sell it and buy a Chevy”. Sporting full leather interior, vibrant large touchscreen, and standard WiFi connection are all characteristics of trucks that are way more modern that one would see in a museum hall! It is still very amazing to think that the only thing in the interior of the very first truck was a bench seat, and absolutely no extra frills or features.

The modern breed of pickups are among the most well-appointed vehicles you can find out there on the road now, and the technology as well as luxury options have greatly assisted in the preference shift from small passenger cars, to larger yet light trucks. Everyone here on West Chevy's Sales and Service Staff recognizes that even though the Silverado is a truck that has added many luxury features over the years, it is one that still has pretty astounding towing potential and power. Car and Driver themselves claimed last year that “after 100 years of building pickups, Chevy's formula is nearly perfect”, and gave the Silverado high praise for its tough stature and hard-working stance.

Every Silverado model is now equipped with a backup camera, assuring that your journey off the premises does not begin with any surprises. When you come and visit us for a test drive here at West Chevy of Knoxville, we can show you all of the great benefits of the off-road package: body-color grill surround and headlamp bezel, as well as 18-inch wheels with all-terrain tires. There are also very useful optional features such as automated emergency braking: this will slow the vehicle when it senses an impending collision, further protecting you and your passengers. We can firmly vouch for the great features and useful power of the new Silverado: you'll have immediate and deep appreciation for its pure form and practicality!