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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Chevy Equinox: The Ideal SUV for Knoxville's New and Emerging Talent

Young professionals are one group of car buyers here in Knoxville that we feel we really need to give props to for all of their hard work and achievements. As spring now begins to turn pleasantly into summer, there are so many right here in our city who are making their toughest choices ever about life after school, holding down multiple jobs, and looking for the perfect opportunities to display their talents with every step they take. With very talented and unique individuals on the hunt for the ultimate vehicle for their changing needs, Chevy has really upped their game in the very popular SUV category, and the newly redesigned Equinox is perfect for those who have their daily lives full of many tasks.

There is space for 5 to be seated comfortably, and the new design for the Equinox has the features and attitude to fly past the competition in all areas. This is the most practical and punchy rival on the market to battle competitors such as the Rav-4 and CR-V, with much attention in the engineering department allocated to making sure that the most active type of driver has an exhilarating, yet practical experience. For the type of driver that needs to take more than just the occasional long jaunt with the entire family, the state of Tennessee is one amazing location for anyone experiencing the desire to find solitude or adventure. If you can't break away from the city, you can still have a blast on Sharps Ridge Memorial Park Trail: located in the heart of Knoxville, you still get an ample stretch of the legs, and opportunity to clear your mind.

The lighter weight is one of the characteristics that anyone driving the new Equinox will notice first: 400 pounds have been shed from the SUV, and this very noticeably tightens the turning radius by 2.5 feet. Every single inch of the 63.5 cubic feet of space in the Equinox is utilized to maximum potential, to assure that every passenger or very last accessory needed can be included on the ride. The 60/40 seat folding option allows a greater amount of open space for anything like extra sports gear, burgeoning photography business equipment, or demanding double duty at the next Nashville trade show.

The 1.5-liter turbo engine has no trouble averaging 30 miles per gallon on the highway, and if you are on the search for more flex, the 2.0-liter doles out 252 hp, with gas consumption staying the same, at an average of 24 mpg. The complete array of active safety tech on board includes safety alert seat, forward collision warning with following distance indicator, lane keeping assist, lane departure warning, and rear cross-traffic alert.

For the times when staring at the mile markers become tedious, the 7-inch touchscreen for infotainment is now standard, with an 8-inch available. Car and Driver claimed that the Equinox is “Expertly damped, with well-controlled wheel motions, and no sense of body float”. Every individual who is an emerging talent powerhouse will find a dream SUV in the Equinox, which is available for test drive right now with us here at West Chevy: come to visit during the first sunny days of summer, and check out closely the many ways this SUV is the perfect choice for you!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

2019 Silverado Rides the Crest of Cutting Edge With Dynamic Fuel Management

One of the vehicles that customers are so excited about here at West Chevy of Knoxville is the all-new for 2019 Silverado 1500: as rugged, awesome, and high-performing as it is, there is another great quality that will draw many to it. This truck will offer the most advanced gasoline V-8 Engine in the brand's history, as updated versions of the 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter V-8s sport this important feature. This revolutionary technology that enables the engines to operate in 17 different cylinder patterns is one of the best ways to optimize efficiency and delivery of power. This system was first introduced in 2005, and the technology has advanced greatly since then.

Small Block chief engineer Jordan Lee commented on the effectiveness of the process: “Dynamic Fuel Management enables only the cylinders needed to deliver the power you want, seamlessly delivering the best balance of power and fuel economy.” Active Fuel Management is another variation which alternates between 8-and 4-cylinder modes, and DFM incorporates the use of 17 very complex cylinder patterns. The greater number of cylinders constantly to optimize the delivery of power, and efficiency at all speeds. Part of the high-tech wonder and upper-level optimization of this system is regarding the electromagnetics: the electromagnetic system deactivates and reactivates all 16 of engine's hydraulic valve lifters, controlling the actuation of valves.

When a cylinder in this system is activated, the two-piece lifters use energy to collapse on themselves, which prevents them from opening the valves. When the cylinder reactivates, solenoids inside send an oil pressure signal directly to the control ports on the lifters, and the latching mechanism allows the valves to close and open at the right pace. What all this means for the lucky driver of the new Silverado is that the engine has the ability to operate more often, using a fewer number of cylinders. This saves fuel, and gives the driver a feeling of power on demand that comes from Chevy's Gen V Small Block V-8 engines.

The 6.2-Liter with DFM is the largest and most powerful gas V-8 in the segment, and is SEA-certified at 420 horsepower, while also paired with a Hydra-Matic 10-speed automatic transmission. Both of these transmissions have enhancements specifically designed to improve the quality of every single shift, and a centrifugal pendulum absorber torque converter, that reduces vibrations to improve smoothness, particularly when the cylinders are deactivating. These engines also feature stop/start technology that helps to save valuable fuel during traffic that is stop-and-go. Both engines will be built at General Motors' Tonawanda Engine Plant in Buffalo, New York, and the 2019 Silverado will go on sale this fall. Until then, feel free to come down and see us with any truck questions you have here at West Chevy, and we'll show you all of the features that are part of the Silverado's groundbreaking future!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Recent Spy Shots of 2020 Chevy Suburban Highlight New Shock Additive

Just after the major announcement that the Suburban RST is going to undergo a very massive change within the engine department, all of us at West Chevy of Knoxville have now been lucky enough to receive spy shots of the future Suburban. Many customers will be excited with its 6.2-liter V8 as it is, and via the photos, we were able to catch a glimpse of the suspension arrangement. We are fully aware that the Ford Expedition provides some pretty serious competition in the full-size genre, and it is highly likely that this led to the major upgrading of the shocks: the 2020 will be equipped with independent rear suspension.

Back in 1963, the legendary Corvette Stingray became the first modern automobile to have an independent rear suspension, which not even the coveted Ferrari had at that time. It was made up of two independently-acting springs that were solidly attached to the rear wheels. Unlike the rigid axle system, IRS does not include a solid rear axle rooting the two wheels together. Instead, each wheels is mounted and sprung in a fashion that is stand-alone, allowing them to move up and down when they sense irregularities in the surface. When one of the rear wheels has the misfortune of hitting a pothole or bump, the full effect of the motion is transferred along the axle to the corresponding wheel, which completes the job of greatly improving the finished product of a much smoother ride.  

Engine options are expected to closely mirror the 2019 Silverado, which may mean that a 2.7-liter turbocharged inline 4-cylinder could be residing under the hood. The 2020 Suburban is based on the GMT1 platform, delivering all-new underpinnings and engineering. The weight difference is expected to be around 300 pounds lighter than the 4th-generation model, and will be made up of all new exterior and interior design elements. One of the most exciting things on board is the GM Super Cruise autonomous driving technology, which is an autopilot of sorts designed for the somewhat daunting task of hands-free highway driving.

The fundamental idea of Super Cruise is to use a very extensive group of LIDAR maps, that cover most major highways in the United States. When paired up with the radar in the car and other cameras, there is a situational awareness in place that currently beats out any other system on the market. It actually allows you to take your hands off the wheel, and there is a light bar that turns green when the time is right to do so. Mounted on the steering column is a small camera, that monitors the driver's eyes to make sure you are paying close attention.

During hundreds of miles of road testing, the Super Cruise never slipped out of lane markings, proving to be just as effective and futuristically fit  as “Kitt” was on the famed “Knight Rider” TV series! The Suburban for 2020 will continue to be assembled by GM in Arlington, Texas, and we will keep you posted at every step regarding any new information that comes our way. Two years is bound to go by quick, just as every milemarker will when at the helm of this sturdy, safe, and well-equipped Chevy make!

Images courtesy of Autoblog

Monday, May 21, 2018

2019 Silverado Closeup: A Peek at the Various Trims, Engines, and Gearbox Types

As spring offers up its beautiful months and later sunsets for Knoxville residents to enjoy, those who are on the hunt for the perfect truck understandably have various questions about the different trim levels available to them. Next year's Silverado model will sport 8 different trims, paired to six transmission and engine combinations. Whether you are a large family on the go, or contractor running your own business, you'll be able to pinpoint the version perfect for you, that meets your needs for performance, technology options, and durability. Over half of these models will be equipped with some of the most advanced V8's in Chevy's longstanding history: these are heavily-updated versions of the 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter engines equipped with the Dynamic Fuel Management feature, which incorporates 17 different modes that are standing by to complete the task of deactivating cylinders during power output.

The RST and Silverado LT both offer the all-new for 2019, very advanced 2.7-liter turbo engine that is on deck to replace the 4.3-liter V6, as the brand new engine standard. It is now equipped to offer 22 percent more torque, higher fuel efficiency, and a larger power-to-weight ratio than is found on the current model. There is also now the option to satisfy many hard-working women and men's demand for diesel: the new Duramax 3.0-liter inline six turbo is supposed to be available early next year. All of these available combinations of engine and transmission are based on one of three very focused consumer profiles: High Value, High Volume, or High Feature. The High Value profile is for customers that are seeking the capabilities and features of a full-size truck, but are in the market for a lowered price point. Within this segment, the Work Truck, Custom, and Custom Trail Boss offer some trusty and able engine and transmission combos.

The High Volume profile was designed with customers in mind that have their driving priorities right in the middle of the current market's offerings. Just like the hard-working residents of the heartland itself, the LT Trail Boss, LT, and RST trims are set in place to offer efficiency, pure performance, and the most savvy in new tech options for the driver. The all-new 2.7-liter Turbo with Active Fuel Management and stop/start technology is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and is now standard for the RST and LT. The updated 5.3-liter V8 engine with Dynamic Fuel Management and 8-speed transmission is standard on the LT Trail boss, offering up a boost in power, and rugged capability.

If an upper-end and premium truck is what you are on the search for, the High  Feature profile is sure to be appealing: the LTZ and High Country trims offer the peak levels of performance now in existence. The entry-level Standard trim is now equipped with the 5.3-liter V8, Dynamic Fuel Management, and stop/start technology, while still mated to the 8-speed automatic transmission. You can also choose the even more powerful 6.2-liter V8 on this trim level, and up the ante with two extra gears and a 10-speed transmission.

All of these models boast more efficiency in aerodynamics and weight class than their predecessors, and the all-important fuel efficiency has not been compromised to reach the ultimate product output. To truly have a firm claim as the most durable and dependable pickup on the road, the Silverado needs to be put through 475,000 validation tests, and a staggering 7 million miles of road testing. Assuring that every single truck rolling off the line is in top shape and as safe as any vehicle can be, all of us here at West Chevy of Knoxville are proud to endorse and offer great deals on next year's Silverado, the truck that will haul, carry, and mud-trail its way to victory every time!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

2019 Chevy Silverado Spy Shot Feature: Caught Without Camo, Bigger Dimensions

Here at West Chevy of Knoxville, trucks are a very hot topic at the dealership when the wonderful months of spring come around. Nationally-ranked camping spots such as Cades Cove, Round Mountain Campground, and Indian Boundary Recreation Area are ready and waiting to quench your satisfaction for weekend enjoyment, and being equipped with a new Silverado for the journey would provide the excellent means of escape. The very trusty, able, and larger-than-life 2010 Silverado was already shown to the public at this year's Detroit Auto Show, but a few questions were left vaguely unanswered.

Now coming across our desk in the form of spy shots released to us this week, the main differences between the present and future models are featured within the body-colored grille, and the fog lights have chrome guards that bear similarity to the design of the grille. The tailgate has the same Silverado style, but now receives the badge of an RST trim to boot. The test truck pictured in the spy shots we received also sports a 4 x 4 sticker, making the distinct announcement of 4-wheel-drive existence. It's still believed that there will be a few more performance upgrades to the RST trim, which was first introduced on the Suburban and Tahoe.

All of us recognize how important it is to have a durable, reliable, and well-crafted truck for daily duties, hauling, various runs around your property, or transporting the two-stroke toys out to the lake. The use of lighter aluminum was reserved for construction of the doors, tailgate, and hood, a bit unlike the competing Ford F-150, who also incorporated aluminum use into the creation of the cab. Shedding of weight while increasing size has made numerous trucks the vehicles we could only dare to dream of decades ago, and there are nearly 450 pounds trimmed from the 2019 Silverado crew-cab V8. Among these are 88 pounds removed from the actual frame, and another 88 from the body.

The next year's model's wheelbase is 3.9 inches longer, and 1.6 inches are added to  the overall length of the truck. Legroom in the rear is more spacious, now up to 43.8 inches, a three-inch increase from this year's model. All of the cab configurations for the 2019 receive a bed with almost seven inches of extra floor width, and an ingenious power-operated tailgate makes for very easy access, with a convenient button mounted in the cabin. You can add a healthy dose of excitement to the wonderful months of spring by visiting us here for a test drive, and checking out some of the most feature-filled trim levels that exist!

The LTZ trim offers up leather seating surfaces and power-folding interiors, while the High Country receives a two-tone grill, chrome running boards, and the standard power tailgate. Known as a vehicle that always retains its value, KBB.Com awarded the Silverado in the Top Ten for Best Resale Value for 2018, solidifying its position as a truck that never inches downward as far as the all-important future worth factor!

Images courtesy of Auto Blog

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

RST Trim level Adds Powerful V8, Flex Appeal to 2019 Suburban

When Chevy introduced the highly sought-after RST trim level for the Tahoe and the Suburban SUV's, the Suburban was temporarily left on the side of the court without as much power. The 6.2-liter V8 that can now be added as an exhilarating super power was not yet available, but that has completely changed for this year. The Suburban RST Performance Package allows you to enjoy the body color trim and unique-to-this-model wheels, as well as the larger engine, which has the ability to keenly cook up 420 horsepower, along with 460 lb-ft of torque.

Those who are very eager to access additional muster will be ecstatic with the gain: the previous engine standard was the 5.3-liter V8, that made 355 horsepower, and 383 lb-ft of torque. What the RST package offers now is the much more beefy V8 coupled to a 10-speed automatic transmission, and the addition of a magnetorheological suspension. A completely upgraded brake system has seen the addition of six-piston Brembo brake calipers up front, painted in a sleek and fiery red hue. The detailed upgrade to the exhaust incorporates a Borla System, that adds a warm and throaty layer to the sound, while fulfilling the task of improving the flow of fumes for peak performance.

The newer and much more powerful engine puts to use direct injection technology, Active Fuel Management, and continuously variable valve timing, to rouse up every available molecule of performance from the trusty V8. The valves inside an internal combustion engine are used to control the flow of the intake, as well as the gases into and out of the combustion chamber. Due to the popularity and great reception of the Tahoe RST Model, Chevy was heavily influenced to manufacture a Suburban that offered more in the power department, and will continue to devote time to developing models with different performance combinations to meet the current market's needs. This new Suburban RST will sport a towing capability of around 8,100 pounds, and a trip to the lake or your favorite camping site in the Knoxville area will be an ideal test of its leap in the strength category.

The added features of 22-inch wheels wrapped in Bridgestone P285/45R22 tires, as well as black accents on the grille, mirror caps, window trim, and roof rails are other features to get excited about, as well as a zero to 60 mph clock time of around 5.9 seconds. Has this been the year that you have decided to break away, and start running your own business servicing the Knoxville metro area? This new Suburban would be a primo addition to your fleet: there is nothing quite as practical as a vehicle that has the performance stats of a truck, but also lug around more family and friends when needed. We are excited to have you here for a test drive soon at West Chevy, and you can check out in detail just why the SuperChevy Blog calls the new Suburban RST a “Corvette in Suburban Clothing”!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

2020 Chevy Silverado HD Spotted Testing Via Spy Shots

When a future model is under development, it's no doubt that Chevy keeps the details heavily under wraps, and the next-generation Silverado HD is one of the next on standby. Here at West Chevy of Knoxville, we get a fairly steady stream of spy shots, keeping us up to date on details such as what the appearances of future models will be like, even if they may be heavily camouflaged during their secret outings. New shots that have just been leaked to us clearly show GM putting both the Chevy and GMC versions of these overtly-able and ready-to-haul pickups in various body styles. The new Silverado HD appears to feature a very prominent bar in the grille that gives the truck a much rougher appearance, and the photos we saw suggest that these models will be sporting more tiers of lights.

On the underside, LED as well as fog lights appear to be present, and the heavy body cladding does not provide a perfect look at the truck's front and rear stance, but the fenders appear to be more prominent than on models past. Another very noticeable difference between the Chevy and GMC versions is at the front: the future Sierra HD appears to sport more bars in the grille, and the LED lights are situated above, instead of below these bars. The exact specs of any alterations to the powertrain are not known, but the Chevy and GMC feature adjustments and tweaks that will substantially improve their hauling capabilities. Getting work done quickly and possessing amazingly high levels of dependability are two traits that serious truck buyers are going to look for, and these are definitely traits these two proudly wear as a badge of long-standing honor.

There is supposed to be a hefty refresh on deck for the Duramax 6.6-liter V8 diesel engine, while the base engine options will most likely be the 6.0-liter Gasoline V8. Shifting duties are likely to be handled by the same six-speed automatic heavy-duty transmission, which is the same that Ford and Ram are still dropping into their heaviest-duty of models. The Chicago or Detroit Auto Shows will most likely be the site where these two will make their first appearance next year, and we guarantee that attendees will stand up and take notice of their stance and swagger right away!

The folks on staff at the Jalopnik blog claimed that after seeing a few spy shots  themselves, that “The new heavy-duty Silverado HD is coming for you in your nightmares”, and gave it props for the bolder, larger proportions of the truck that make a serious impression immediately. Jokingly claiming that the future Silverado is a vehicle that will instill fear in the drivers of very tiny cars such as Renault and Fiat, their write-up in early April is a nod to how excited they are to see such a staple of hard-working legendary power gain more powerful new models in the future. The larger size is recognizable instantly, and will no doubt be a major draw for this illustrious truck line. Prepare to be rapidly taken aback and amazed: 2020 will arrive quickly, and so will all of the tough duties you'll have on your list to dish out for this ready-to-conquer duo!

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